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The Vegetarian Society, Parkdale, Dunham Road, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 4QG, 0161 925 2000. The Vegetarian Society is a charity which provides many free information sheets. Examples are Basic Nutrition, Pregnancy, Infant Diet, Vegetarian Nutrition for Children, Vegetarian Wines, Footwear & Alternatives to Leather, and Gardening for Vegetarians. They will send you up to four free if you send them a stamped self-addressed envelope. You get the Vegetarian magazine, which you can't buy in the shops, free four times a year if you join.

The Vegan Society, Donald Watson House, 21 Hylton Street, Hockley, Birmingham. B18 6HJ. 0121 523 1730. The Vegan Society is an educational charity which provides many free information sheets. They publish several vegan books covering nutrition and cookery. They also produce a guide that's invaluable for veggies and vegans - The Animal-Free Shopper. You get the Vegan magazine (otherwise only available from some alternative book shops and a few healthfood shops) free four times a year if you join.

Viva!, 8 York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol BS2 8QH. Tel: 0117 944 1000. Viva! is a vegetarian and vegan group with a strong emphasis on animal campaigning. It is especially good for teenagers and young people. You get the Viva!Life magazine (not available in the shops) free four times a year if you join. Under 18s get Viva!Active magazine instead, which is aimed at teenage veggies & vegans.

Southampton Animal Action Interested in animal protection? Southampton Animal Action is a local group of like-minded people of all ages, who campaign peacefully against all forms of animal cruelty, including the plight of farmed animals, vivisection, animal culling, hunting and much more. They do this by holding information stalls, veggie/vegan outreach and attending national marches/demonstrations. They meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 8pm in the Community Corner at Rice Up Wholefoods (20 Hanover Buildings, Southampton SO14 1JX). Please feel free to come along! SAA Facebook page. Sign up to their email list for information about upcoming events: southamptonanimalaction*AT*hotmail.com. Get involved now to help save lives!

Southampton Animal Concern Campaign against all types of animal cruelty. They meet at Allsorts Psychic Café on the second Saturday of the month at 1:30pm - new members welcome. Organise the Animal Welfare Charities Bazaar in May and October. Details: Pauline Dibley 01489 584035.

VEGA (Vegetarian Economy and Green Agriculture) is a research, information and campaigning organisation focusing on farming, food, health and the land.

Vegan Organic Network is a charity that has developed a worldwide membership and aims to promote the growing of food without the use of any animal manures or slaughterhouse by-products whatever and without the use of artificial chemicals or genetically modified material. This is the basis of growing food vegan organically.

Stockfree Organic Services promotes the growing of food without the use of any animal manures or slaughterhouse by-products to farmers.

Movement for Compassionate Living. Working non-violently for change, promoting lifestyles that are possible for all the world's people, sustainable within the resources of the planet, environmentally friendly and free of all exploitation of animals and of people.

Vegan Views Used to be a quarterly UK magazine available from a few radical bookshops, and also available on subscription. They stopped producing their magazine in 2013, but the back-issues can be downloaded for free.

www.vegcom.org an accommodation free listing service for vegetarians and vegans looking for somewhere to stay or offering somewhere to stay.