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This page is to enable local veggies and vegans to place advertisements. If you have an idea or want something, you can advertise it here for free. You don't have to be an SVV member either. We'll also put it in the next issue of our e-newsletters (sent to SVV members only). You might like to consider offering a discount to our members and/or members of the national veggie and vegan groups. If you do, we can give publicity to your business in our e-newsletter and on this web site.

Also see SVV membership Discounts

Distributor of Forever Living health & wellbeing products - contact SVV member Pearline Hingston. Tel: 023 8077 2660. Email: pearline_hingston*AT*yahoo.com.

Cat's Whiskers duo - they provide classical, blues and rock'n'roll music at social events. SVV members Pearline plays bass guitar and Colin is on 6-string guitar and vocals. Colin & Pearline Hingston Tel. 023 8077 2660. Email: pearline_hingston*AT*yahoo.com.

Counselling and Life-coaching: Need to get your life back on track? Suffering loss of direction, relationship issues, bereavement, low self-esteem, mild depression etc? UK registered Counsellor and Life-Coach (as featured in Zest Magazine), Alison Waines could help. Author of The Self-Esteem Journal: Using a Journal to Build Self-Esteem and Making Relationships Work. For initial chat or appointment, call: 023 8043 6456 or email: alison*AT*awaines.fsnet.co.uk. Web: www.awaines.co.uk.

Southern Anti Bloodsports Society People interested in taking non-violent direct action against bloodsports (sabotaging hunts) please send an email to sabs*AT*tinyworld.co.uk. See their website at www.sabs.org.uk for more info. Donations also appreciated.

We sometimes get asked if we know of any rented rooms in a shared house of veggies, or if a veggie would like to rent a room in their house. Either way, let us know, and we'll pass on details for you.