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Privacy Policy

Email members

You can join the SVV email list with our online signup form. This asks you for your name and email address, but doesn't ask for any other personal details (eg your address, age or phone number). We use Mailchimp to send out our emails to members because it's free and it makes life easy for us since it automatically handles members joining and leaving. Mailchimp has some features that we don't find very useful but which we can't turn off. You need to be aware of this since it affects your privacy - it lets us get a list of who has opened our newsletters and who has clicked on the various links in them. One nice feature of Mailchimp is that at the end of every email that we send to you using it, it has a link where you can update your details (eg change you name or email address) and a link where you can unsubscribe if you no longer want to receive our emails. We encourage people to unsubscribe (we won't be offended) if they don't find the emails useful.

You're unlikely to get an email from us more frequently than once a month, so there's no need to worry about getting an excessive number of emails from us.

If someone asked us if they could have a list of any or all of our members' email addresses, we would refuse. If we think that what they want to promote is of interest to our members and is something that we want to support, we will send an email out ourselves to you with details, so in this way, the other organisation does get promoted but does not get your details.

If someone asks us for one of our members' email address (eg if they want to know of members who live close to them) we will not give it to them, but if they are happy for us to give their email address to the member they want to contact, we can offer to pass on their details to you, and it's up to you if you want to reply to them. In this way, you get their details, but they don't get yours unless you reply to them.

When we send emails to members, for privacy reasons they are send individually to each member (or by bcc) so that other members don't see your email address.

Our emails are suitable for children. There's no adult content or graphic images in them. For this reason, we do not check the age of people who wish to join.

Sending emails to us

Whether you are or aren't a member, if you email us (info*AT*solentveg.org.uk) eg to ask a question or inform us of something (eg a new veggie cafe opening in our area) we keep these emails and our replies to you for a maximum of three years.

Visiting our website

Our website is very low-tech - we don't use cookies and don't have adverts. All of the listings (eg in the Shopping or the Eating and Staying Out pages) are there because we want to make people aware of them, and not because the organisations pay us to put them there.

Our Facebook group

Here it is. It's a closed group, and is completely separate from our email members list. You can be in one or the other or both or none. If you join one, we don't add you to the other - you have to do that!

This Privacy Policy was last updated 27/5/18